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Shalom Christian Missions
Case # NBCC 323
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Meet Sheldon

Sheldon is 10 and in 5th grade. Since her father's death, her mother has struggled to provide the basic needs for her children. Keeping her in school has been a real challenge. Sheldon needs help. Sheldon is in need of a sponsor at ANY level.

Sponsoring Sheldon provides her with a home, meals, medical care, and an education (school tuition, school supplies, activity fees). You can sponsor Sheldon fully or partially. Either way you’ll be making a huge difference in her life.

Partial Sponsorship is available at $25 and $50 per month. Partial sponsorship allows us to work together to find multiple sponsors to provide for the full needs of each child. To sponsor at this level click the ‘Sponsor Me for $25’ or 'Sponsor Me for $50' buttons!

Full Sponsorship is $100/month. Just click the 'Sponsor Me for $100’ button to become a sponsor at this level!

If you prefer to write a check, please include the child's case number - NBCC 323 - on your check in the memo field. Make checks payable to Shalom Christian Missions, and mail them to:

    Shalom Christian Missions
    1255 Mill Creek Road
    York, PA 17404